Kevril Dryadson

Half Orc Alchemist


Kevril Dryadson
Male Half-Orc Alchemist (Ragechemist) 3
CG Medium Humanoid (human, orc)
Init 2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (3 armor, 2 Dex)
hp 24 (3d8
Fort 5, Ref 6, Will 6; +2 bonus vs. poison, +2 vs. illusion
Resist poison resistance +2


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Greataxe +5 (1d12
4/x3) and
   Heavy mace 5 (1d83/x2)
Ranged Bomb 5 (2d62 Fire/x2) and
   Light crossbow 4 (1d8/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks bomb 2d6
2 (5/day) (dc 13)
Alchemist (Ragechemist) Spells Prepared (CL 3):
1 (4/day) Shield, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Enlarge Person (DC 13)


Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk 2; CMB 5; CMD 17
Feats Brew Potion, Iron Will, Power Attack -1/2, Throw Anything
Traits Dangerously Curious, Indomitable Faith
Skills Appraise +7, Climb +4, Craft (alchemy) +8 (
11 to create alchemical items), Disable Device 8, Intimidate +1, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (nature) +8, Perception +7, Spellcraft +7, Survival +5, Use Magic Device +4; Racial Modifiers 2 Intimidate, alchemy 3
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Orc
SQ discoveries (feral mutagen), fast poisoning (move action), mutagen (dc 13), rage mutagen, swift alchemy
Combat Gear Feral Mutagen: +6 STR, -2 INT, +2 Nat AC, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Light Wounds; Other Gear Masterwork Studded leather armor, Crossbow bolts (20), Greataxe, Heavy mace, Light crossbow, Pendant of the souk, Alchemy crafting kit, Artisan’s tools (Craft [siege engines]), Backpack (4 @ 21 lbs), Belt pouch (1 @ 0 lbs), Crowbar, Rope, Thieves’ tools, masterwork, Trail rations (5), Travelling spellbook, Vial (4), 420 GP, 7 SP, 103 CP

Special Abilities

Alchemy +3 (Su) +3 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Bomb 2d6
2 (5/day) (DC 13) (Su) Thrown Splash Weapon deals 2d6+2 fire damage.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Fast Poisoning (Move Action) (Ex) Apply poison to a weapon as a move action.
Feral Mutagen (Su) Mutagens grant claw and bite attacks, and a bonus to intimidate.
Mutagen (DC 13) (Su) Mutagen adds 4 to a physical & -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 nat. armor for 30 min.
Pendant of the souk +2 insight bonus to save when disbelieve Illusions.
Poison Resistance +2 (Ex) +2 to save vs. Poison.
Potion of Cure Light Wounds Add this item to create a potion of a chosen spell.
Potion of Cure Light Wounds Add this item to create a potion of a chosen spell.
Power Attack -1/
2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage Mutagen STR mutagen bonuses increase, but penalty to Will & Int when hurt (Will neg).
Swift Alchemy (Ex) You can construct alchemical items in half the normal time.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.

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Born of a merchant human father and a sorceress half orc worman, Kevril grew up in a potion shop. He often tinkered at night with his father’s chemicals trying to emulate his mother’s magical powers.

Restless as a child, Kevril found him self drawn to Gorum and began to worship the warrior guard in secret.

Kevril Dryadson

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